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Criminal Record Expungement Project (C-REP)

The Criminal Record Expungement Project (C-REP) aims to reduce the negative effects of a criminal record on a person’s life, including limited access to employment, educational opportunities, housing, and public benefits.

What we do:

C-REP works with Philadelphians who have criminal records by conducting intake clinics for clients, processing intake applications, and filing petitions to expunge and redact non-conviction data from clients’ criminal records.

How we do it:

C-REP partners with Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (“PLSE”), a non-profit legal aid organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income individuals who are affected by the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. There are three intake clinics per semester that take place on Saturdays in West Philadelphia. During these clinics, volunteers meet with clients, listen to their stories, and screen their criminal records for expungement-eligible (i.e. non-conviction) charges. Volunteers may be able to participate in more than one clinic depending on interest and availability. There are also opportunities for volunteers to draft expungement petitions.

How and when can I join:

Visit C-REP at the virtual pro bono sign-up fair (at 3:45pm in Room 2 - Civil & Political Rights, Criminal Justice, and Education projects) and look out for details regarding the mandatory trainings in the fall semester, which will occur on September 18 and September 19, 2023. The time commitment for this project is flexible. Interested volunteers may also email the Co-Chairs, Ty Parks ( and Leigh Bianchi (

What skills will I develop:

Interviewing & intake, client counseling, drafting court documents, and engaging with the community by working with vulnerable clients.

The work is likely to be New York Bar eligible.