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Ayse Nur Sanli


Istanbul, Turkey

Class Year:

LLM Candidate, 2010

Prior Education:

Galatasaray University, LL.B.(2007); Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Exchange (2007); Boston University Summer Legal Institute in London (2006).

What I Did Before Law School:

I worked in the transactions department of a law firm based in Istanbul which allowed me to work on unique, interesting and major deals involving my country. My area of interest includes corporate law and antitrust law.

Why I Chose Penn Law:

During my employment, I have been always working with business clients on the legal aspects of matters. As a corporate attorney, I was no longer satisfied with understanding only “Turkish law.” I chose Penn Law because it was one of the top schools in corporate law, offering also the opportunity to take courses from the Wharton School. With its outstanding faculty in business-related legal studies, Penn Law was the best choice to expand my knowledge of corporate law and acquire key business skills to meet the demands of various business clients and to better understand the business culture in the United States.

My Best Experience at Penn Law:

Friendly meetings and lunches with the my professors.

Professor Who Influenced Me Most (with a brief explanation of why):

Professor William Ewald is the person who I met first at Penn Law as a professor since he was teaching the Foundations of the US Legal System during the summer time. He teaches the American history, the Constitution and the basic concepts and rules of American law. Profesor Ewalds’ way of teaching, explaining the history and the reasons behind the history, building the links between the history and the Constitution and the other rules are unique and this helped me, and is still helping me, to grasp the issues in the other areas varying from International Law to Corporate law, from Antitrust Law to the economics.

My Favorite Course (with a brief explanation of why):

My favorite course at Penn Law is Antitrust Law with Professor Howard Langer. Studying the American cases forming the American antitrust law, seeing that many issues in the competition law have already been discussed in the American cases decades ago and finding that the competition policies throughout the world have been significantly affected by those cases of the American courts are very impressive and breath taking.

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

I participated in the “Day of Dignity”, an event organized by a number of Muslim, Jewish and Christian associations, as a volunteer, to serve the homeless and underserved people in Philadelphia. It was a great feeling to make the day of those people in need. It was also a unique experience to see the synergy and cooperation among the volunteered people coming from different backgrounds, religions, nations, races.

What I’m Most Proud Of:

I’m most proud of the friendly environment at Penn Law, I feel like I am at home here!

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

Attending the lectures and meetings of Philomathean Society, one of the oldest literary societies in the US, where I had the opportunity to meet very intelligent and intellectually gifted students from all disciplines and backgrounds.

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:

My favorite place is the College Green. Reading a book there under the sun and in front of the library was very peaceful. Getting a crepe with chocolate and strawberry from Houston Hall and enjoying it in the College Green and watching the students walking by is also one of my bests.