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The Trial Team at Penn (TTAP)

The Trial Team at Penn (TTAP) gives Penn Law students an opportunity to learn and practice trial advocacy skills in a live setting. TTAP members compete at tournaments throughout the country, and have competed in New York City, Washington D.C., Texas, and Puerto Rico in recent years. TTAP also hosts an annual intramural competition, where law students form teams and compete to have their names inscribed on the Englert Cup. Training sessions, held weekly each fall, are run by adjunct professor and professional litigator Robert Englert. These skills are taught and subsequently refined through competition, including delivering opening and closing statements, making objections, and having strong courtroom presence. TTAP is proud of its strong alumni network, and former TTAP members come back each year to help judge the intramural competition.


Co-President, Hayley Haas -
Co-President, Bri Goodchild -
Co-President, Michael Sise -