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Rowook Park


Seoul, Republic of Korea

Class Year:


Prior Education:

Seoul National University, Bachelor of Laws

What I Did Before Law School:

For little over 10 years, I worked in the Fashion Jewelry Industry, Semiconductor Industry and Chemical Industry as a Foreign Investment Project Team Manager and Strategic Planning Team Manager.

Why I Chose Penn Law:

I never had second thoughts about choosing Penn Law, because of its outstanding corporate law program, world-wide alumni net-work and its global recognition as a top law school. Cross-disciplinary education, such as the Wharton Business and Law Certificate Program specifically designed for Penn Law LLMs, was also an important consideration. Last but not least, the mixture of historical abundance and city life in Philadelphia definitely was a deciding factor as well.

My Best Experience at Penn Law:

In hindsight, the Summer Program made me clearly see that Penn Law not only is amongst the top law programs in the nation but also have the best LL.M. program in the nation. While the curriculum of the summer program were carefully designed to introduce the foreign trained attorneys to US Law, the program was also filled with a variety of social events so that the LLMs feel welcomed and at home.

Professor Who Influenced Me Most:

This really is a tough call. In all fairness, I would have to say all the faculty members of the Mediation Clinic. If I had to pick just one, however, I would say Professor Douglas Frenkel since he was the one who introduced me to the Clinic. Classroom discussions with them were open to diverse opinions and truly transformative. I never hesitate to contribute to the diversity of class room discussions. The three professors, all alike, were certainly more than an instructor. They were my mentor and, at times, a good friend.

My Favorite Course (with a brief explanation of why):

Mediation Clinic. With three great faculty members (Professors Goldfarb, Frenkel and Eckstein) and a dozen students from both JD and LLM, I was able to experience the very essence of the ‘Socratic’ Method of law school education. Furthermore, working on real mediation projects in the second half of the semester was definitely challenging yet rewarding, because I had to mediate various disputes, including custody disputes, in a culture that I was not familiar with.

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

This is also a very tough call, since I can immediately think of two or three. The most recent and touching Philadelphia moment would be the Thanksgiving dinner with Professor Goldfarb’s family. Much to my surprise, I literally felt at home. The Koreans also have a holiday called “Choosuk,” and the idea of sharing and giving thanks to those you love is the same. It was just a big surprise I was able to experience this ‘Thanksgiving’ moment, similar to that of my culture, half way around the world. The second would be my first visit to South Street, because I was inclined to go there quite often afterwards. South Street is an east-west street in the Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia. The stretch of South Street between Front Street and Seventh Street is abundant with “bohemian” atmosphere and great with its diverse and urban mix of shops, bars, and eateries.

What I’m Most Proud Of:

I am most proud of having the opportunity to represent my country at a top law school and interact with the brightest minds from all over the world.

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

- LL.M. representative of the International Law Organization - Member of the Animal Law Project

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:

It is simply cool to sit outside of the Penn Museum on a sunny day with a good book, being exposed to one million objects covering the entire history of humanity.

How would the LL.M. Program at Penn Law help my career?

Learning from the outstanding group of legal scholars at Penn Law will arm you with expertise and knowledge to effect positive change and to contribute to your area of practice. Furthermore, the culturally diverse and extremely talented group of the Penn Law LL.M. will not only provide you with a world-wide network but also add to your understanding of business and law in an international context.