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Rui Liu

Name: Rui Liu

Hometown: Inner Mongolia, China    

Prior Education: Renmin University of China Law School, LLB, ’14              

What I did before Law School: I was a full-time student at Renmin University of China Law School

Why I chose Penn Law: First, Penn Law is one of the most prestigious law schools in the whole world, so I believe that I could get the best education as I imagine. Second, my personal goal is to become an investment manager and I am interested in topics on corporations, accounting, finance, tax etc. Penn Law has the most prestigious corporate professors in the US.

My best experience at Penn Law: I can listen to and even talk to the Delaware Chief Justice Strine and ask him on the details and balance he made on the judgements he handed down. The insights Justice Strine gave enabled me to understand better on the regulation, law practice and even their personalities.           

Professor who influenced me most: Professor Edward B. Rock influence me most. Professor Rock would use plain language and real life situations to restore the original circumstances, the twists we want to solve and the balances we made along the way. I believe after being lectured by Professor Rock, M&A is not untouchable at all even for a child. And M&A is not just piles of documents lawyers prepare but real business and real life.     

My favorite course: Advanced Corporation: M&A by Professor Edward B. Rock      

My favorite Philadelphia moment: Barnes Foundation Museum is the place I like most, where I learn the basic rules to analyze a picture.       

What I am most proud of: Thanks to the education of Penn Law, I am now equipped with systematic knowledge of corporations, financing, tax, accounting, etc. It is what I really wanted in terms of preparing to start my own investment business.         

My extracurricular activities at Penn Law: Wharton Certificate is wonderful and I made lots of friends on that program.            

My favorite place of activity on the University Campus: The courtyard of Penn Law is my favorite place, where I can sit quietly to study, where I can eat, where I can chat with friends, also where I can play with squirrels.