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Esperanza Franco

Name: Esperanza Franco

Hometown: Canary Islands (Spain)

Prior Education: Icade (Madrid), Law & Diploma in Intl’ Relations, SciencesPo (Paris), Erasmus  

What I did before Law School: I was a legal intern for a mid-size law firm in Michigan, where I worked on various issues including corporate law, intellectual property, cybersecurity and employment law. I also interned for the Spanish Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States in Washington D.C.

Why I chose Penn Law: The collegial atmosphere. Although the Ivy League brand was a relevant factor in my decision, I knew I wanted to be part of the Penn Law community the minute I visited the school and talked to its students. 

My best experience at Penn Law: Faculty, staff and students. Penn Law is simply an ensemble of extraordinary minds. I got to know my professors very well through office hours—this is something I strongly encourage all incoming LLMs to do if they can. The facilities staff at Penn Law is extremely helpful and caring. As for the students, I was able to meet some of the brightest individuals in the nation – soon to become incredible attorneys and political activists – and to develop long-lasting relationships with them.       

Professor who influenced me most: Every single professor I had this year has influenced me in a very positive and unique way. It would not be fair to only choose one. Professor Michael Baylson – also a federal district judge in PA – taught me the value of strategy in litigation. Professor Gideon Parchomovsky and Professor Shyamkrishna Balganesh introduced me to the fabulous world of copyright. Professor Tobias Barrington Wolff showed me the foundations of the American litigation system. Professor David Rudovsky taught me what police can and cannot constitutionally do. Professor Sharon Browning helped me understand the importance of the public sector in our society. Professors Peter T. Grossi and Shanin Specter allowed me to experience the joy of a mock trial. Every single one of them has left a mark in my continuing growth as a professional and as a person.

My favorite course: Commercial litigation strategy with Professor Michael Baylson.

My favorite Philadelphia moment: Walking down South Street or sitting down at Rittenhouse Square while observing people walking by, dancing, playing, and just living their lives. Philly has an incredible amount of magic if you look closely.        

What I am most proud of: The friendships I made this year, above all. Additionally, I am grateful to Dean Clinton for helping me create the first “LLM Award for Excellence in Teaching” in Penn Law’s LLM history. I am also proud to have been the first LLM Representative in the Penn Law Women Association, as well as to advocate for equality as the LLM Class President in student government.    

My extracurricular activities at Penn Law: Ballet and contemporary dance at Koresh School of Dance.        

My favorite place of activity on the University Campus: The law school courtyard (and accompanying squirrels) as well as the 6th floor of the Van Pelt Library. Bonus tip: there is free tea and coffee at the Penn Graduate Student Center!