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Nahi El Hachem

Name:  Nahi El Hachem

Hometown:  Akoura, Lebanon   

Prior Education:  LLB ’11, Saint Joseph University of Beirut  

What I did before Law School: I graduated in 2011 with a bachelor degree of law from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon and went on to pass the Beirut Bar exam.  Subsequently I worked for three years as an associate at an international law firm in Beirut, Lebanon.  During that time, I had the opportunity to work with an excellent team of lawyers that included top law professors and practitioners, and was involved in a wide range of legal transactions and litigation proceedings.  However, I always wanted to join my family firm in Lebanon and expand its practice.  I understood that a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of the common law is necessary in order to provide the firm with an extensive understanding of the practice of law at the international level, and to be able to advise in and handle legal matters pertaining to the international and common law.  This led me to my LLM at the University of Pennsylvania.

Why I chose Penn Law: I chose Penn law because of its international reputation and national recognition as one of the best schools in the US.  I was also looking for an LLM program that included a relatively small number of students.  In fact, given that we were only around 115 students it was a lot easier to get to know everyone in the program and form life lasting friendships.

Professor who influenced me mostProfessor Stuart Diamond is the person who influenced me the most.  His class taught me skills that are useful in every day activities.  His negotiation tactics and tool are things that I will always rely on in my future negotiations.           

My favorite course: My favorite course was International Commercial Arbitration.  The class, which provided the necessary knowledge for practicing in the field of international arbitration, was so interesting that I decided to pursue a career in said field.

My favorite Philadelphia moment: It’s really hard to find a “favorite” Philadelphia moment since I truly enjoyed every second of my time in Philly.  I remember all the amazing restaurants I went to, the soccer games with LLMs and JDs, the incredibly amazing clubs and all the UPenn events.

My extracurricular activities at Penn Law:  Joined the Penn law football team.    

What are my future plans: I plan to go back to Lebanon and expand my firm’s practice.  I look forward to working with all the meaningful contacts I made at UPenn and visit each one of them in their home country.