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Jose Ponce

Name:  Jose Sebastian Ponce

Hometown:  Quito- Ecuador    

Prior Education:  Universidad San Francisco de Quito; JD  ’12; Columbia University, New York; EPP law ’13

What I did before Law School: Worked as a tax and corporate lawyer in Quito- Ecuador.

Why I chose Penn Law:  The immense prestige and the fantastic corporate approach to law.

My best experience at Penn Law:   The Wharton business and Law certificate provides the unique opportunity of learning directly from top Wharton professors making Penn Law a unique experience.       

Professors who influenced me most:   Jill E. Fisch & Chris William Sanchirico    

My favorite course:  Tax Policy Seminar            

My extracurricular activities at Penn Law: Equestrian sports, golf and various sports activities with my fellow LLMs.           

My favorite place of activity on the University Campus: Franklin field by far.