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Lubna Abu Hammad, SJD Candidate

Student Bio


Auja, Palestine

Class Year:


Prior Education:

Amman Al-Ahlyyia U., LL.B.

What I Did Before Law School:

I was a human rights activist and worked for UNICEF as a legal consultant.

Why I Chose Penn Law:

I’m interested in comparative law and Penn has some of the best comparative law professors. Also, I was encouraged by the alumni I talked to. They all recommended it and said they loved their experiences here. I can see why. Finally, I visited Penn Law before accepting the offer. I came and talked to Professor Anita Allen, who advised me to accept. I’m glad I listened to her!

My Best Experience at Penn Law:

I guess the overall experience so far has been great. It just feels so nice when everybody around you is doing their best to help you achieve your goals.

Professor Who Influenced Me Most:

I would like to go back to Palestine and teach law. One of my role models is Professor William Ewald. He has a contagious passion for the subjects he teaches. Whether we’re talking about the ancient Romans or the folks at the Constitutional Convention, Professor Ewald takes you there and then brings you back to modern day law and politics.

My Favorite Course:

I have two favorite courses. The first is China and International Law. I don’t think of a 100-page reading assignment with a smile on my face, but in this class it’s like giving a little kid some candy. I didn’t know much about China before and now I’m starting to understand what the big fuss is all about! My other favorite class is Political Philosophy of the Constitution. It’s a fascinating story of a country coming to being.

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

Taking pictures of Philly, especially the foliage. Philly is such a “photogenic” city, the homey neighborhoods, cute little shops and restaurants and the elegant City Hall and the two Liberties. It’s full but not crowded, scenic but modern. People here are friendly (PS: I come from NY!)

What I’m Most Proud Of:

That I haven’t dropped any of my 5 classes or clinic!

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

That’s a tough one. I keep planning on doing this activity or going to that event, but with the load of work I just sleep, eat and study then go back to NY to have fun! But I’m really planning on attending some of the Reel Justice documentaries.

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:

So, you mean there’s a world outside Penn Law?