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Ceaineh D. Clinton-Johnson


Kpaiyea, Liberia

Class Year:


Prior Education:

University of Liberia/Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law LLB
Cuttington University College BSc/Economics

What I Did Before Law School:

  • Judge of a specialized court known as ‘Criminal Court E’, The Sexual Offenses Court.
  • Assistant Professor of Law-Human Rights Law at the University of Liberia/ Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

Why I Chose Penn Law:

Pennsylvania because of its special place in this Nation’s history, Penn Law because of its diversity and its place amongst equals which gives its students a sharper edge above their equals, its standards and the opportunities for the student to be their your best in this competitive world, and its rich intellectual resources depository that prepares and brings out the best in its students, were just few of the reasons why I chose Penn Law.

Secondly, the accomplishments of those who have exchange knowledge by the Penn experience to those who walk thru its parlors sets Penn Law as a place where no one feels like they are out of place. So when I chose and Penn accepted me, I knew that the decision to come to Penn was divine.

My Best Experience at Penn Law:

My best experience at Penn Law was my arrival on campus. I had come to school late from Liberia, not knowing what to expect and found myself surrounded with so many major issues, or at least I thought they were major issues. Then, within minutes, I saw all these issues falling into place and were resolved is quickly that it has made me to believe that I am home because at Penn Law, there always is a solution!

Professor Who Influenced Me Most:

Professor Janet Perry: She makes you to focus on yourself as a lawyer, defining for you the dignity and integrity of our profession by diminishing the monetary value of the profession and accentuating the good of society and the role that lawyers have to play to keep it balanced and safe through the adherence to the professional responsibility rules.

My Favorite Course:

My favorite course is International Human Right Law, taught by Professor Reicher because it exposed me to real life issues in human rights that give me the hope that the future of our world order can only be bright.

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

Meeting my Mentor, Judge Rau: I walked quietly into her court whilst Court was in session and sat down to wait for our meeting. Then I heard her sternly articulate the instructions to the jury with such confidence. It was awesome.

The jury returned to its room of deliberation, and then I got to meet Judge Rau formally, and soon realized that there was no ‘formally’ about our meeting; we had some of the same challenges both in the law and in the administration of justice. I felt good.

What I’m Most Proud Of:

All the efforts made by Dean Matthew Parker to get me to the University of Pennsylvania, and all the sacrifices to keep me at Penn Law despite the fact that he did know me before now is what I am most proud of. I feel that his work is motivated by the sheer joy of being there for students. I am so proud of him for selflessness that sometimes I am nervous to present yet another issue to him, only for him to smoothly direct the way forward.

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

Research assistant to Professor Sarah Paoletti
Member, the Auction Committee of the Equal Justice Foundation at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:

At Penn Law, I think that is no place favored over the next because every space is unique and is a whole learning experience. Every place absorbs you into its significance.