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Kunaal Trivedi, SJD Candidate

Student Bio

Hometown: London

Prior Education: University of Oxford

What I did before Law School: Worked at a corporate law firm in London 

Why I chose Penn Law: I knew I wanted to be on the East Coast - Penn is a highly ranked school with renowned faculty and quality of teaching; a wide range of courses, especially in corporate law; a class size large enough to meet accomplished new people but intimate enough to get to know those people well and develop strong relationships; a lively and exciting city-based campus; on the personal recommendation of previous LLM students (not only at Penn, but also elsewhere)

My best experience at Penn Law: Enjoying the summer program for LLMs before the school semester kicks off in Fall - plenty of sunshine, new friends and an interesting and informative course on the Foundations of US Law which covered a variety of material that was quite new to me.

Professor who influenced me most: This is a difficult one: all the professors are incredibly knowledgeable, accomplished and are contagiously enthusiastic about their particular fields of interest. For me, and this list is in no way exhaustive, Professors Roosevelt, Fisch, Rock and Ewald were notably engaging.

My favorite course: It’s a tie - Advanced Corporate Law: Mergers and Acquisitions and the 1L Constitutional Law class.

My favorite Philadelphia moment: Lounging in what used to be the park opposite the law school with a few friends and a few more beers (now the site of a brand new residential building). 

What I am most proud of: Having the courage to leave a secure job back home and come do a US LLM, without knowing what would be in store afterwards. I know too many people who take the safer route of sticking it out in a job they do not enjoy rather than risk leaving their comfort zone to come expand their legal horizons - looking back, it’s astonishing how much new material we’ve learnt in just one year at Penn and concerns about opportunities post LLM are, I think, unfounded (as long as you do the necessary planning before starting the course!)

My extracurricular activities at Penn Law: Pro bono work with the American Civil Liberties Union

My favorite place of activity on the University Campus: The law school courtyard: in the summer an excellent place to bask in the sunshine, in the winter a beautiful view to enjoy from indoors!