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Penn Entrepreneurial Engineers and Penn Law (PEEPL)

PEEPL is a collaborative initiative between the Law and Engineering schools, where law students will offer advice to engineering students on Intellectual Property (IP) issues related to their simulation start-up project. Throughout the semester, two in-person meetings will take place. The first meeting will be held at the beginning of the semester, during which the engineering team will present their project. The second meeting is scheduled for the end of the semester, during which the legal team will deliver presentations addressing the potential IP exposure and concerns of the project.


Additionally, there will be optional “consultation” meetings in between, where follow-up questions can be discussed either in person or over Zoom. First-year law students (1Ls) will be assigned to teams with upper-level students, who can provide valuable guidance throughout the process. The primary aim of this experience is to offer a helpful simulation and to enhance exposure to consulting in the IP field.

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