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Victoria Peng

Victoria Peng

Class Year: 2024

JD/MBA Program Model: 3-year track

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate Major: Psychology, U Penn

Previous Professional Experience: Private equity, specializing in commercial real estate; wealth management

Extracurricular Involvement: Penn Law Tennis Club and incoming JD/MBA Student Association social co-chair; next year, I’m also hoping to get more involved with PLWA at the Law School and Family Business Club on the Wharton side

Why a JD/MBA: Before coming back to school, I worked on a high-touch client services team that focused on gift and tax planning. I knew that I needed a law degree to continue working in estate planning, and because I don’t have a formal business background, I thought the MBA would help me develop a better understanding of my clients’ interests and the challenges facing them.

Career Plans: While estate planning is still something that I’m very interested in, being back in school makes me feel like I have unlimited possibilities, so I’m keeping my mind open!