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Michael Krone

Michael Krone

Student Profile Template – Michael Krone

Class Year: 2024

JD/MBA Program Model: 3-year JD/MBA

Hometown: Lafayette Hill, PA

Undergraduate Major: Economics and Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

Previous Professional Experience: Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, focusing on transformations across public and non-profit sector entities (specifically state & local governments, universities, and transit agencies)

Extracurricular Involvement: Council of Student Representatives (1L Representative), American Constitution Society (1L Representative), Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (Professional Council Chair), JD/MBA Association, JLSA / JAMBA, Penn Law for Philly, Penn Law Comedy Club, Penn Law Mock Trial Association

Career Plans: I am primarily interested in working in litigation and/or government and public service. I enjoyed my role in consulting, but I am looking to pivot to working more in-house at the type of entity that I served (e.g., a large transit administration). Additionally, I’d like to explore the world of corporate litigation and potentially the clerkship sphere!

Why a JD/MBA? I’ve always been interested in the nexus of law and business from the perspective of enhancing organizational dynamics in government and non-profit entities. I find it fascinating to couple the policies and procedures of an organization with the ways of working / management styles of the people in an organization to help that organization thrive and achieve on its mission.

While I’m interested in topics of general management, leadership, and operations, I am also fascinated by the legal questions that dominate our political culture and society. Within the legal sphere, I am interested in election law, education law, and anti-trust regulation – each of which can be complemented by an understanding of the business fundamentals and decision-making frameworks in those respective domains.

The Carey JD/MBA Program has given me such a stellar community of similarly curious and diverse classmates whose interests run the gamut of law, finance, consulting, tech, and cutting-edge ventures. Learning from the classroom is of course wonderful, but it’s just as inspiring to learn from my classmates, too!