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Penn Law Audiobook Club

Audiobook Club (ABC) provides Penn Law students with an opportunity to acquire the knowledge that books provide without the dread of additional reading. This low-stress community encourages students to enjoy the benefits of reading while going about their daily tasks - working out, running, cleaning, cooking or walking to class.

Through monthly meetings, the Audiobook Club will meet to discuss - and sometimes debate - the audiobook voted on by members of the club. Each month, a list of five books will be posted in the Audiobook Club’s communication channel for members of the club to vote on. After the voting period ends, the members of Audiobook Club will have the remainder of the month to listen to the winning book. Members of the club will then meet during the last week of each month to discuss their thoughts, takeaways and opinions of the designated book. As aspiring lawyers, the Audiobook Club hopes to instill confidence and create a community
around personal growth.

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