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Amanda Damon

Amanda Damon

Class Year: 2024

JD/MBA Program Model: 3-year JD/MBA

Hometown: Jericho (Long Island, NY)

Undergraduate Major: Communication & Public Service | Minors: Consumer Psychology, Journalism, and Political Science

Previous Professional Experience: Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, serving real estate and wealth & asset management clients on innovation and strategy topics (including digital, growth, and business unit strategy)

Extracurricular Involvement: JD/MBA Student Association, Penn Business Law Association, Penn Law Women’s Association, Penn Law Immigrants’ Rights Project, Criminal Record Expungement Project, JLSA / JAMBA, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, Wharton Restructuring & Distressed Investing Club

Career Plans: TBD!

I loved my job as a Management Consultant, so I am considering returning to consulting. However, I intend to at least explore a career in law first. At the moment, I am still undecided between transactional and litigation work, though my current interests are primarily in mergers & acquisitions and restructuring/bankruptcy.

Why a JD/MBA? For me, I have always been interested in many, seemingly disparate things. The JD/MBA allows me to blend all different aspects of my life, from an academic and professional perspective and provides the structure I need for optimal career flexibility.

When I began my undergraduate studies, I was certain I wanted to be an attorney in the public sector. However, when I interned at a Family Court, I did not love it as much as I had expected, which then led me down a path I never imagined taking.

As an undergrad at Penn, my eyes were opened to a whole new world in business that I loved; yet my interest in law always remained. To navigate this, I am thrilled to be back at Penn! The Carey JD/MBA allows me to combine my passions for business and law, while having access to the outstanding professors, courses, and opportunities at both schools.