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Lachlan Athanasiou L’23

Lachlan Athanasiou L’23

Lachlan was raised in Albany, California, in the San Francisco Bay area and attended Washington University in St. Louis where he majored in Political Science and Philosophy and was a member of the varsity Football and Track & Field teams.

Before law school he lived in the Mississippi Delta where he was a teacher and assistant football coach at Greenville High School. During his 1L summer he returned to Mississippi to intern at the Mississippi Center for Justice, where he investigated potential cases for, and provided legal research and writing support to, the Center’s Impact Litigation Initiative.

At Penn, Lachlan is on the board of Law Students for a Democratic Society, a student group that brings scholarship concerned with the racist, inequitable, and anti-democratic trends in America’s legal system to campus. He is also on the board of the Democracy Law Project, a pro bono project that supports organizations working on voting rights and democracy issues. Additionally, he is an associate editor of the Journal of Constitutional Law.

Lachlan spends his free time contemplating the future of American Democracy and how to build a career dedicated to its preservation and improvement.