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Compassionate Release Collaborative (CRC)

The Compassionate Release Collaborative (CRC) is a new pro bono project that helps seriously ill inmates in Pennsylvania’s prisons file petitions for compassionate release.


What we do:

CRC’s process will be split into three stages: 1) intake, 2) legal representation, and 3) continued care. At the first stage, CRC screens potential clients and chooses to work with individuals whose cases seem appropriate for compassionate release. Second, CRC helps to collect the necessary paperwork and draft the compassionate release petition to be submitted on the client’s behalf. Finally, once compassionate release is granted, CRC works with the client’s loved ones to coordinate hospice care for the client upon release.


How we do it:

CRC partners with the Abolitionist Law Center (ALC), a public interest law firm and organizing project which provides free and low-cost legal services to individuals incarcerated in Pennsylvania. CRC volunteers may be asked to review potential clients’ intake information and draft memos assessing their appropriateness for compassionate release; correspond with selected clients to ensure the timely completion of necessary documents; and help draft compassionate release petitions under the supervision of ALC.


How and when can I join:

CRC is seeking interested collaborators and volunteers. To be placed on our mailing list, please email Tora Husar,, Emma Needham,, and Sara Schuster


What skills will I develop:

Criminal justice, interviewing & intake, memo writing, working with vulnerable clients, and drafting court pleadings.


This work (intake and legal representation) is likely to be New York Bar eligible.