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Mansi Shetty

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Prior Education: Bachelor of Legal Sciences/ LL.B. at Government Law College, Mumbai

What I Did Before Law School: I went to law school directly after high school, and came to Penn Law directly after graduating from my first degree of Law back home.

Why I Chose Penn Law: Penn Law allows its students to transgress boundaries of traditional courses and delve into this beautiful world of cross-disciplinary legal education. The broad spectrum of faculty at Penn Law facilitates learning in a unique way that forces each student in the class to appreciate and assess the nuances of the law. These factors mesh to form a perfect combination guaranteeing each student that comes here a superior understanding of the legal realm.

My Best Academic Experience in the Summer Program: Foundations of the US Legal System, a summer course with the extremely proficient Professor Ewald gave me an opportunity to explore the basics of the US Constitution and the workings of the government, helping me sharpen my understanding and form a strong base for the fall and spring courses.

My Best Social or Cultural Experience in the Summer Program:  Penn Law attracts experienced lawyers from all over the globe. Meeting these lawyers that come with different sensibilities and perspectives allows one to think about issues and challenges facing the legal world in pragmatic terms. The barbecue dinner hosted for the LL.M.’s was the first and one of the most memorable summer experiences for me. It was an event where we first got introduced to the people that would be our family for the coming academic year. It was overwhelming, but I think everyone took solace in the fact that all of us were as lost as the people around us. 

My Favorite Philadelphia Discovery: The beautiful gastronomical adventure that Philadelphia takes you on, most undoubtedly. This city satiates every single need of a food lover. 55 restaurants/ food trucks/ cafes in 60 days with my roommate (also a student at Penn Law) is something that is going to be close to impossible to recreate any time in the near future, and I thank Philly for that!