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Mariela Ines Noles Cotito


Lima, Peru

Class Year:

LLM 2012

Prior Education:

LL.B. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

What I Did Before Law School:

I held a position as an adjunct faculty member in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru for two years while serving as the Director of Development Programs at a local NGO advocating for the rights of people of color in my country.

Why I Chose Penn Law:

I was looking for a challenging program that could bring up the best in me personally and professionally speaking, a program that would push me to be the best I could be.

My Best Experience at Penn Law:

Standing in the Haaga Lounge looking towards Tanenbaum Hall and realizing that I am part of this amazing community.

Professor Who Influenced Me Most:

I am sure that there will be more in my next semester, but so far I have got two: Professors Sophia Lee and Tobias Barrington Wolff.

My Favorite Course:

So far two, as well: First Amendment and Constitution outside the Courts.

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

Walking around center city on Friday afternoons after a long week of classes and papers and studying, besides, I find something new everytime.

What I’m Most Proud Of:

Of having decided UPenn.

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

I had tons. I decided before hand that I would not be stuck at the Law School all the time so I signed up to participate in as many Centers and Houses I could: Kelly Writer’s House, Penn Women’s Center, the Intercultural House, the Grad Center, among others. This definitely is making my Penn experience richer, and giving me the opportunity to get to know a lot of people within the Penn Community, not only from the Law School.

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:

My favorite activity is walking on and around Locust Walk taking pictures, especially observing the movement of the trees and how their colors have changed with the seasons.

Why choose Penn Law over other law schools?

Because of the many opportunities that it has to offer: amazing professors, challenging courses, tons of student groups and activities, and its vibrant location.

What Have I Been Doing Since Graduation?

Soon after graduation I was awarded with the Inaugural LLM Rule of Law and Human Rights Fellowship that allowed to me complete a stay of 9 months in the United Nations Office of the Baha’i International Community in New York. The most exciting part of this appointment was to participate actively in all the activities of the Third Committee (Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs) of General Assembly of the United Nations.

After that experience I went back to Peru where I acted as a governmental consultant for the Ministry of Women, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education on gender issues, and ethnic minorities’ issues. In the fall 2015, I started a MA in Latin American Studies at the University of South Florida, in Tampa.