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Colleen France

Colleen France


I grew up in Delaware County and have lived in the Philly area almost my entire life attending high school, college and grad school here (minus a few short stints in Chicago, NY and London). Prior to coming to Penn Law in 2010, I was the Director of Recruitment & Professional Development for Schnader, a Philadelphia law firm. I had worked Dechert and Drinker Biddle previously as well in legal recruiting.

Developing a vision

I came to Penn Law because being part of creating the structure and vision for the 3 Year JD/MBA Program was something that was very appealing. Having the opportunity to work at both Penn Law & Wharton and to be a part of bridging the academic and extra-curricular programs at both schools has been a truly valuable and rewarding experience for me.

JD/MBA Program

My best experience since working at Penn Law has been speaking to perspective candidates about the JD/MBA Program. I believe that we have the best integrated 3 Year JD/MBA in the country and it is with great pride that I relay the strong points about our Program to perspective applicants. Working with our current students on various Program aspects has also been very fun and rewarding. The JD/MBAs are extremely involved at both Penn Law & Wharton and have an active JD/MBA Student Association that I work with closely.

Creating Synergy

I love that my job as Associate Director of the JD/MBA Program touches so many aspects of the Law School, from admissions to student services and the registrar office to career planning & professionalism. And the same extends to the Wharton side as well!

You can honestly feel the collaborative spirit at Penn Law just by walking around campus. I purposefully cut through the courtyard every morning just to get a glimpse of campus and enjoy always running into faculty, staff and students. The staff development team here does a great job at keeping everyone involved and engaged and it makes working here truly a unique and gratifying experience.

Interdisciplinary education

Running the JD/MBA Program embodies the cross-disciplinary culture at Penn Law. I split my time between Penn Law & Wharton and just walking across Penn’s campus on a daily basis and dealing with stakeholders at each school makes it easy to recognize just how much the schools and the University as a whole place a value on interdisciplinary education. Every programmatic decision made is vetted by both the Law School and Wharton and places a high value on what is best for the Program and our students as they embark on their cross-disciplinary studies here.

Hidden talents

I am a certified Pilates instructor and teach beginner and mixed-level classical Pilates classes at the Pottruck Center here at Penn. I am also a devoted yoga practitioner. I practice Baptiste style power yoga 6-7 days a week and have a daily meditation practice. I also enjoy distance running and am running the Philly marathon this fall.  I first ran it in 2000 and the marathon was my first race ever.


My goals here at Penn are to finish my Masters in Organizational Dynamics, which I am currently pursuing with concentrations in leadership development and organizational coaching. I hope to continue to work with the JD/MBA Program and eventually share the skillset I am gaining to expand to other joint degree programs at Penn.