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Rachel Mayover

Rachel Mayover


As a Philadelphia area native, I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey. I went to college and law school in the area, and missed the region so much that I left the sun and beaches in Ft. Lauderdale to move back here. I spent four years there in a law school working as the Associate Director of Career Development. Prior to that, my first position after law school was as a Senior Tax Legal Consultant in Arthur Andersen’s Philadelphia office. After leaving Andersen, I was an in house attorney and HR Director for a local Krispy Kreme Doughnut Franchisee.

Student Transformations

The favorite part of my job is working with the students on a daily basis. It is very exciting to watch them be practicing law for the first time! In the Clinic the students are the front line attorneys helping clients solve real life problems. It is rewarding to be able to watch their transformation and confidence grow during just one semester, and it’s gratifying to me to be able to assist in their advancement as new attorneys by imparting in them early on a sense of what good law office management involves.

My best experience at the Law School has been to develop long lasting relationships with students that transcend their time here. I find it very gratifying to really get to know the students throughout their law school career, and to see them graduate every year still gives me goose bumps! It’s been wonderful to reconnect with so many alums, and see where their careers and personal lives have taken them.

Some of the other best experiences at the Law School for me are when our student attorneys come back from court with a big win. It’s wonderful to see how excited they are, and that they have done such a great job of representing a deserving client who without the Clinic might not have even been able to receive any legal representation.  


I really enjoy working with my colleagues in every department at the Law School. I feel very lucky to be working with such amazingly dedicated and talented people. I have never worked in a school where the entire administrative team is truly dedicated to serving the students and supporting each other, all of which makes Penn Law a very special place to work!

Developing a superior practical legal skill set

The work that I do in Penn’s Clinical Programs supports students as they develop a superior practical legal skill set, build their professional persona, and gain an appreciation for the challenges and unpredictability that arises for attorneys when representing real clients.The work that students do in the Clinic often inspires them to continue doing pro bono work after graduation, and develops a sense of service mindedness and empathy for clients that resonates with them throughout their entire career.

Hidden talents

I love to work out at the gym – I typically try and squeeze in workouts most days of the week. I’m addicted to machine pilates, and enjoy the beautiful studio we have on campus.