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Yang Chen

Current work:
Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Yang graduated from the Penn Carey Law SJD program in 2023. Prior to that, he received LLM degrees from the Penn Carey Law in 2020 and the London School of Economics in 2019. Before his LLM degrees, Yang completed his first law degree in 2018 at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL).

SJD program:
During his SJD years, Yang worked on a project titled “Uncovering the Trade Secrets Law and Practice in China: Potential Cases for Softening Current Rules”, under the supervision of Professor Gideon Parchomovsky. He also received tremendous help from his other two dissertation committee members: Professor Andrea (Yanbai) Wang and Professor Jennifer E. Rothman.

Impact of SJD program in your career:
The SJD program was the starting point of my academic path. It provided me with basic skills in research and writing.

What makes the SJD program at Penn unique:
Academically, Penn Carey Law has a strong atmosphere and rich resources in technology law, which facilitated my own research on intellectual property law. The professors there who guided my SJD journey always motivated me to think deeper about legal issues and hinted at new perspectives on viewing the legal world. Yet, the academic training was not the only wonderful experience I had during the SJD program at Penn. The members of the graduate office offered professional and timely administrative support to SJDs and ensured the smoothness of our SJD experience.

Advice to SJD candidates:
Enjoy your time as an SJD student. Audit classes in which you’re interested to gain more perspectives. Feel free to ask professors for guidance and suggestions when you encounter any academic difficulties. Hang out with your fellow SJDs and share your research ideas, methodologies, and progress with each other.