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Leen Al-Alami

Associate at Dechert LLP in Philadelphia
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    Leen Al-Alami L’13

A native of Amman, Jordan, Leen Al-Alami L’13 has an A.B. in Government and A.M. in Middle Eastern Studies, both from Harvard University. She spent six years working after college before coming to Penn Law, first in corporate communications in New York and then as a communications strategist for King Abdullah of Jordan, followed by another communications position for the Government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She also worked as a press officer for the European Union Delegation to Jordan in the six months before coming to Penn Law. She is now an Associate at Dechert LLP in Philadelphia.

A business plan for the Middle East.
Upon graduation from Penn Law, I will be an associate at a Philadelphia firm. In the long run, I hope to be able to apply in the Middle East what I learned at Penn Law and throughout my legal career. The Middle East is clearly at a crossroads right now, and I think that people do not talk enough about the change that could come about from strengthening the legal infrastructure for corporations and financial investment in the region with the goal of creating much-needed development and job opportunities for the people there.

The attraction of cross-disciplinary study.
Penn Law’s focus on cross-disciplinary coursework was a huge draw in my decision to come here. I have taken a class at Wharton, but I also see value in the cross-disciplinary work my classmates are taking, because it enriches the discussion in the law classroom.

International inspiration.
In the summer after my 1L year, I worked at the Open Society Justice Initiative, which falls under the umbrella of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. I worked on a number of issues in the area of international justice and international criminal law. Although I do not want to work in this area of law, it was inspiring to spend the summer with legal professionals who so passionately dedicate their careers to helping protect people around the world.

A leg up with on-campus interviews.
CP&P’s guidance throughout the on-campus recruiting process was invaluable. I am so grateful to the Center, and especially to Heather Frattone for being so supportive and willing to help.

Collaboration runs deep.
At no point in my Penn Law career did I feel alone. The school, both administration and faculty, works hard to foster this unique collaborative spirit, and the spirit runs deep in the institution. Because of it, I have gotten to know many of my professors personally outside the classroom. Equally important, the Penn Law collegiality means not only a happier 1L year, but also an open, collaborative environment in which students can share their experiences, both inside and outside the classroom – and we are all richer for it.

Something’s always cookin’ at the Law School.
Being back in the classroom, learning, with phenomenal classmates has been the best part of law school, as clichéd as that may sound, but judging the outstanding cooking skills of Professors Balganesh and deLisle in the Penn Law Iron Chef contest was a close second.