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Anthony Hurtado

Anthony Hurtado

Class Year: 2022

JD/MBA Program Model: Three-Year

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Undergraduate Institution: Georgetown University

Undergraduate Major: Accounting

Previous Professional Experience: Technology sector

Extracurricular Involvement: Latinx Law Students Association, Christian Legal Society, Wharton Hispanic American MBA Association, Wharton Christian Fellowship

Career Plans: I have not settled on a career path. I am currently exploring careers in finance and management consulting.

Why a JD/MBA? I chose to pursue an MBA to pivot my career into a new industry and a new geographical market. Yet, my experience working in the heavily regulated industries of crypto and gaming made me appreciate the advantages of formally studying law. Therefore, I chose to pursue both a JD and an MBA. Even if I do not practice law, I believe that the JD experience will sharpen my analytical process and yield benefits in my future business career.