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Mark Pereira


Buffalo, NY               


Class Year:



Prior Education:                                           

University at Buffalo, BA/MA, Economics


Professional experience prior to Law School:

Scouting/Recruiting Assistant, University at Buffalo Football


What I Am Hoping to Do with My Law Degree:

I plan to work for a law firm in New York City when I graduate, primarily working in corporate law. From there, I hope to pursue a career in sports business and law.


My Best Experience at Penn Law:

The overall experience has been fantastic, so my favorite thing has to be helping 1Ls and admitted students make the most out of their Penn Law experience as I believe I have done. Last year’s admitted students’ weekend was a blast to organize and run.


Professor Who Influenced Me Most:

Professor Klick, because his economics background really matches up with my interests, and he is really good at answering why the laws we have in place make sense or not. Also, he is an incredibly relaxed, hilarious professor that takes you completely away from any intensity and stress that law school may throw your way.


My Favorite Course:

Torts with Professor Klick was my favorite class so far. Torts can be pretty dry and basic, but he was exceptional at getting us to think outside of basic tort law. He used the class as a way to make us approach legal education differently in all of our classes. I really enjoyed this different approach.


How the Law School’s Cross-disciplinary Approach Influences My Legal Education:

Cross-disciplinary approaches really mean a lot to me, which was a big reason I chose Penn. Along with professors that teach me so much more than simply what the law is (like Professor Klick), I will be pursuing the Wharton Certificate in Business Economics and Public Policy, so that I am more educated on business matters before I start working for a law firm.


Meaningful Cross-disciplinary Experience at Penn:

In my contracts class during 1L year, I learned about business structures and why businesses draw up the types of contracts that they do, which is so much more than the typical contracts class. Learning this was incredibly useful, as I was able to use this different knowledge in interviews to show that I knew more than basic contract law.


Penn Law is known for its collegial environment. How has it affected your legal education?

Collegiality is important for a legal education simply because you need to be happy. At Penn, you’re in such a cheerful, fun place that it’s easy to drink the Kool-Aid and forget your stresses and fears about law school. For me personally, it was extremely noticeable during interview season, because we all talked each other up to different interviewers. This made everyone look—and feel—great!


My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

I’m a huge sports junkie, so I really enjoy doing down to the sports complex and catching a game. I’m not a Philadelphia fan of anything, but I’ve really caught the spirit of Philadelphia sports! I’m particularly fond of the 76ers and Flyers.


What I’m Most Proud Of:

Being one of the youngest members of my law school class, but still making friends with everyone in my class, regardless of age or background. Penn makes that extremely easy, but it was something that I was most worried about coming into law school.


My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

Post-Acceptance Committee, Morris Fellows Committee (Penn Law’s 1L mentorship program), Wharton Business Law Association Mentorship Program (mentoring Wharton School undergrads on law school), Federalist Society, Animal Law Project


What I Did For Public Interest:

I wrote a research memo for the Animal Legal Defense Fund on the current state of drugs in horse racing, and if there are any legal implications for trainers and veterinarians who illegally drug horses for racing.


My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:                           

I am also a saxophone player for the University’s Wind Ensemble. Playing saxophone is my favorite hobby, and this is an awesome way to get out of the law school and do something I enjoy. I also can’t forget going to the Graduate Student Center and seeing what awesome deals are being promoted for graduate students, while grabbing some of their free coffee!