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Kevin Reardon

Kevin Reardon

Voorhees, New Jersey
Class Year:

Prior Education:                                           
B.S. Marketing, University of Maryland Smith School of Business

Professional experience prior to Law School:
I was general manager for 2 ½ years at Reardon Enterprises, Inc., before negotiating our acquisition earlier this year.  I also led the marketing and operations of Reardon Properties, LLC for several years.

What I Am Hoping to Do with My Law Degree:
I would like to work with businesses and non-profits to develop forward-thinking and socially responsible solutions to the legal challenges they face. Specifically my interests range from start-ups and M&A, to commercial litigation and bankruptcy.  I would also like to help shape the public policy surrounding these entities.

My Best Experience at Penn Law:
So far the highlight for me was orientation week at the start of 1L.  Coming from a large public school in undergrad, it was an immediate and drastic shift to a much smaller and tight-knit community.  Getting to know a group of people with incredibly diverse interests and experiences was, and continues to be an incredible experience.  Penn does a fantastic job of bringing the 1L’s together from the start through dinners, sports and cultural outings, and public interest projects.

Professor Who Influenced Me Most:
I’m confident in saying that for my section and I, Professor Amy Wax was a powerfully influential professor.  Not only did she teach the law, but her demanding Socratic method forced me into a level of scrutiny and analysis beyond anything I had ever done before.  She will take the seemingly most basic issues or rules and force them through such rigorous interpretation that you begin to recognize and appreciate all of the intricate nuances of the law.  This skill will be invaluable to me as I go forward in my career.

My Favorite Course:
Contracts.  It’s an area that has always fascinated me through my years in managing businesses.  My professor, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, also studies the behaviors of parties entering into contracts.  Between the presentation of her research and traditional case analysis, our class regularly engaged in interactive discussions over issues and principles in contract formation.

Penn Law is known for its collegiality. How has it affected your legal education?
I personally think collegiality is something a lot of institutions claim, but few truly do have.  But, I can say with confidence that Penn Law has a genuine collegial environment.  Just about everything that happens here is centered on fostering a collaborative environment.  Even the design of the newly renovated law school itself encourages interaction.  I regularly see my professors in the hallways, run into the dean while I’m studying, and go to common areas to relax with groups of my classmates.  For me, this has done two things.  It has helped me to keep my stress levels relatively low for being at a top law school.  In addition, it has allowed me to benefit from the knowledge and experiences constantly offered to me from the 2L and 3L’s when I see them around the school.

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:
Around Thanksgiving, the city turned the Love fountain park in Center City into a Christmas village.  It’s not far from my apartment, so it’s a great area to walk through to experience the refreshing sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season.

What I’m Most Proud Of:
I’m most proud of having chosen to be part of this community.  I would do nothing differently in my decision to attend Penn Law.  I had choices, as I know many admitted students are probably fortunate enough to have.  But the value of the cross-disciplinary legal education, experience, and network I am gaining here at Penn is what I believe to be the best in the country.

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:
One of my favorite activities at the school is the boxing club.  We actually train with the MBA boxing club from the Wharton school.  The workouts are tough, but it’s a great opportunity to both stay in shape, and meet professionals from other graduate programs.  One of our most exciting traditions, occurring every spring, is “Fight Night”.  We have actual boxing matches between law and business students.  It’s held in a true south Philly boxing arena, and we raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity each year.

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:                
When I want a break from the law school, I occasionally go to the Fisher Fine Arts Library to read.  It is a building with tons of character and tradition.  Definitely peek in if you ever get a chance.
What’s one piece of advice you could give to prospective Penn Law students?
Visit.  Walk the campus, sit in on a class, and talk to a current student.  When I did those three things, I knew there was no other place I’d rather be for my legal education.  I thought it was just me that felt that way, but on the first day of orientation everyone was asked why they chose Penn. Almost instantaneously, many of my classmates turned to each other and gave the exact same response.

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