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Weiwei Shen


Weiwei Shen

Current work:
Associate Professor, Law School of China University of Political Science and Law

Shen is a graduate of Tsinghua Law School with work experience in international arbitration at a US law firm. After pursuing a master’s degree at the Oxford Internet Institute, he earned LLM with Dean’s Scholarship at Penn Law and continued his legal training as an SJD student.

SJD program:
During his SJD years, Shen worked on a thesis titled “Balancing Cost-effectiveness and Free Speech: A Theory of Online Infringement Regulation,” under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Yoo. Shen also received tremendous help from his other two dissertation committee members: Prof. Gideon Parchomovsky and Prof. Polk Wagner.

Impact of SJD program in your career:
The SJD program at Penn Law proved to be a transformative experience to me, a student from Asia. It not only significantly bolstered my qualifications but also instilled in me the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in legal academia. This strong foundation continues to serve me exceptionally well in my current role as a law professor.

What makes the SJD program at Penn unique:
SJD students at Penn Law benefit from a close-knit community, with ample opportunities for dialogue with professors in various settings, including classes, seminars, conferences, and faculty workshops.

Advice to SJD candidates:
Take each scholar’s censure, but reserve your judgment.