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Meruyert Bizhanova

Meruyert Bizhanova

Meruyert is the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Equity and Inclusion at Penn Carey Law. She is actively pursuing an M.S.Ed. in Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership at the Graduate School of Education, with a pronounced interest in international educational development. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at Nazarbayev University, where her affinity for educational leadership was ignited. During her undergraduate studies, Meruyert served as a dedicated student representative across several key decision-making bodies within the university, including the Academic Council, Learning and Teaching Committee, and Academic Quality Enhancement Committee. Additionally, she assumed the role of Minister of Education within the Student Government, offering valuable guidance and support to her fellow students. These experiences fueled her desire to pursue advanced studies in the field of education.

Meruyert’s commitment to educational equity has always extended beyond the confines of her university. She served as a young Deputy in the Capital Youth Maslihat of Kazakhstan, specifically within the “Science, IT, and Innovation” Committee, where she advocated for educational initiatives, historically marginalized student populations, and those facing financial challenges across the country. 

As a co-founder of the Qazaq Khan Academy Project, Meruyert dreams of instigating positive changes within the international education system, particularly in narrowing the urban-rural education gap. Meruyert remains steadfast in her dedication to bridging gaps in educational access and opportunity, particularly for marginalized communities and economically disadvantaged students. She envisions leveraging education as a transformative force and aims to pursue roles as an educational researcher, policy-maker, and professor, to inspire future generations of leaders and change-makers.

In her leisure time, she finds enrichment in watching educational podcasts and motivational stories, further fueling her passion for continuous learning and growth.