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Preeti Krishnan


Mclean, VA (right outside Washington, DC)

Class Year:


Prior Education:

A.B. English, A.B. Psychology, Georgetown University

Professional Experience Prior to Law School:

I started and ran my own non-profit supporting food, shelter, and education for children in India. I also worked as a program associate at a non-profit establishing restorative justice as an alternative option for courts to consider in sentencing decisions in adjucating criminal cases.

What I Am Hoping to Do with My Law Degree:

I want to clerk for a year or two after law school at a federal court of appeals, and then work at a firm doing appellate advocacy. Eventually I’d like to transition into doing policy work for the government.  

My Best Experience at Penn Law:

My best experience so far at Penn Law has been meeting and getting to know such interesting and fascinatingly diverse people. My classmates and my professors have accomplished so many amazing things, and I feel like I have grown as a person since being here because of meeting them. 

Professor Who Influenced Me Most:

Professor Anita Allen has been an inspiration to me this semester. Her engagement with our torts class and her knowledge of the subject matter have made for enlightening class debates and have allowed me to understand the law in a way that makes it very approachable and applicable. Her expertise in several different areas, including philosophy and bioethics, has shaped my understanding of tort law in a unique and rooted way, and has allowed me to explore ways in which I will approach the law in my career and future.

My Favorite Course:

Civil Procedure with Professor Tobias Wolff. Professor Wolff’s passion for civil procedure is infectious—I definitely did not think that I would grow to enjoy such a seemingly technical subject as much as I did. The ways in which the process and complexities of the legal system can shape the outcome of a case are varied and interesting, and Professor Wolff’s teaching has illuminated how important these considerations are. His instruction made a very dense subject much easier to understand, and never failed to inspire discussion and debate from our entire class.

How the Law School’s Cross-disciplinary Approach Influences My Legal Education:

I am looking forward to taking classes at Wharton towards a certificate in Business Economics and Public Policy. Penn Law makes it extremely easy and accessible to take classes at most all of the other grad schools at Penn, and allows for a wide array of opportunities over the course of the law school experience.

Meaningful Cross-disciplinary Experience at Penn:

My professors bring their various arenas of expertise to the classroom every day. Their perspectives allow me to analyze the law from philosophical, economic, and moral points of view (among others), and integrate seemingly complex concepts in a seamless way. 

Penn Law is known for its collegial environment Why is collegiality important to a legal education?  How has it affected your legal education?

Collegiality at Penn Law has been the key factor in making my first semester at law school a great one. Law school is unlike anything I have ever done before in my life—it is very intense, demanding, and extremely challenging. The fact that my peers are going through the same types of things while also looking out for me whenever I may need help or fall behind is a huge part of what has made this intense experience so much easier and more enjoyable. If I had to point to one thing that made Penn Law unique, it would be the level of collegiality and understanding that I have experienced from everyone around me. I feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderfully strong and supportive community. 

My Favorite Philadelphia Moment:

Exploring the food scene in Philly has been so much fun for me. During Restaurant Week this fall, a group of friends and I were able to dine at an amazing upscale Greek restaurant for law-student-friendly prices. It was so delicious, and easy on the wallet! I look forward to enjoying more of Philadelphia’s exquisite culinary offerings this spring.

What I’m Most Proud Of:

Surviving cold calls in every class (they’re not that bad), and, by the end of the semester, actively looking forward to participating…sometimes.

My Extracurricular Activities at Penn Law:

I am a 1L representative on the Council for Student Representatives, and am a part of the Penn Law Women’s Association as well as the South Asian Law Students Association.

What I Did For Public Interest:

I hope to get involved in Street Law and am involved in the Domestic Violence Assistance Project.

My Favorite Place or Activity on the University Campus:

My favorite place on campus is the courtyard. When it’s nice outside, it’s a beautiful place to get your reading done before class, socialize with friends, or both!