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Lillian Li L’21


“This summer, I had the opportunity to intern in the corporate department of Bredin Prat, a French-European law firm located at the center of Paris. I saw cross-border transactions that frequently involved companies with a global presence and that have cultural or technological impact. For instance, I worked on a deal relevant to the deployment 5G technology in Europe. While helping draft a master service agreement based on a very technical term sheet, I relied on what I had learned in Internet Law this past spring about different types of transmission technology. Being able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from 1L in a setting, a foreign country where I did not expect to make such a direct application, was incredibly meaningful for me as a law student. I also had the chance to interact with attorneys on secondment from places like Senegal and Brazil. From this diverse group of attorneys I learned about different practice areas and paths to becoming a lawyer across the world and about commonalities in legal work related to M&A. Beyond my internship, this past summer represented many personal firsts: first time in Paris, first time in Europe, and first time traveling abroad alone. I am deeply grateful for the Penn Law International Internship Program (PLIIP) which enabled me to have this extraordinary experience.”