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Do the pie charts represent students’ average grades?

No. The pie charts reflect aggregate individual grades, not averages, for students who received offers.

So, for example, if the following data was collected from students who received an offer at a particular firm:

Student 1’s grades: 1 A, 2 A-s, 3 B+s, 2 B-s

Student 2’s grades: 2 As, 2 A-s, 3 B+s, 1 B

The pie chart would reflect the aggregate data: 3 As, 4 A-s, 6 B+s, 1 B, 2 B-s. This is just for the sake of an example; pie charts are provided only for firms where 3 or more students reported grades. Keep in mind that grades were voluntarily self-reported, and certainly do not represent all of the grades for students who were successful in receiving offers at those firms. The pie charts are intended to provide a general visual guideline of how grade-conscious various firms are, and should not be determinative of which firms you bid on. Please remember that grades are only one aspect of your candidacy, and make an appointment with a CP&P counselor to discuss your OCI strategy if you are concerned about your grades.