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What does the “No Multiple Interviews” symbol in Symplicity mean?

The orange triangle with the exclamation point in the signifies that a student may only interview once with that particular employer. While you may bid for each office of the firm that you are interested in interviewing with, you can only be assigned one on-campus interview. When you bid on multiple offices of a firm with the “No Multiple Interviews” designation, you will receive an additional bid at the end of your list (i.e. your bid list will increase past 60).

Please note that you are not prohibited from bidding for a firm for OCI that you have already bid for in connection with the Regional Interview Program or other interview program, even if the firm specifies “no multiple interviews”. However, if a “no multiple interview” firm contacts us and requests that we remove students they have already met with through another Interview Program from their OCI schedule, we must do so. Therefore, you must carefully consider which office of the firm in question you prefer. If, for example, you truly prefer the New York office of a firm, which is interviewing during OCI you need to be aware that bidding on and interviewing with the firm through the Regional Interview Program could potentially result in your preclusion from interviewing with the New York office .