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Do I need to upload a transcript, cover letter, writing sample and/or reference list to Symplicity? What do I do if an OCI employer is requesting these documents?

Our policy for employers participating in OCI is that they receive only your resume in advance of your interviews. You should not provide your transcripts or other requested documents until your interview.

Because OCI is virtual, you are not able to bring hard copies of these documents with you to your screening interview (as would normally be the case). Our virtual OCI vendor, Flo Recruit, is developing capability to provide these documents electronically at the time of your interview. We will provide more detailed instructions as soon as they are available. When preparing these documents for electronic submission, make sure that your name is on each document, both in the title of the file and on the document itself.

Please note that firms who are not participating in the on-campus interview program, but are instead conducting resume collections, may request some or all of these documents. Be sure to provide all of the requested documents for resume collections. If you are interested in participating in the resume collections, search “SRC” (Summer Resume Collections) in Symplicity. The deadline to submit your resume is January 4th.