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Dominique Malone L’26

Dominique Malone L’26

Dominique, an aspiring abolitionist and person-centered advocate, is dedicated to working for incarcerated individuals dismissed by the criminal justice system. She earned her BAS in Criminal Justice and Communication from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. There, she developed her passion for advocating for equity and led events, rallies, and campaigns to revolutionize the environment. 

Dominique held internships at the City of Chattanooga, as an inaugural Styles L. Hutchins Fellow, and at the Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR). At the City of Chattanooga, she spearheaded research that fundamentally changed how the city assisted and advocated for people of color. Her internship at SCHR ultimately led to a post-graduation fellowship. At SCHR, she worked as an Investigator, assisting clients on death row with their appeals, interviewing witnesses in the field to gather information for court, and initiating class action lawsuits with her teams to hold prisons and jails accountable for their actions towards incarcerated people. The job and her past experiences further confirmed her passion for her work.

While maintaining her full-time job, Dominique also found creative outlets for inspiration, such as serving as a virtual antiracism fellow for her alma mater by curating weekly sessions centered around the plight of Black women across various spectrums. Additionally, she connected high-school students from several states to learn and engage in equitable content through her work at Camp Equity, a virtual non-profit.

Dominique enters the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School excited to take the next step to further assist in the eradication of state-sanctioned forms of violence and surveillance.