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Nataniel Tsai

Nataniel Tsai

Nataniel Tsai, from Phoenix, Arizona, and was an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, graduating with degrees in Public Health and Political Science along with a minor in Spanish. As one who is passionate about issues in health law, he is simultaneously pursuing a Master of Bioethics through the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. After he graduates from law school, he will head to Washington DC to practice healthcare law in the private sector.

Nataniel is currently an associate editor for the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the vice president for LALSA (Latinx Law Student Association), and the programming coordinator for the DC Law Club. He also served as 1L representative.

Coming from a multi-racial household, issues related to diversity and race have always been at the forefront of his academic journey. He is very excited to be part of the E&I cohort to work towards making Penn Law a more inclusive and equitable place of learning and looks forward to being able to share his experiences and converse with and learn from his peers.

He has greatly enjoyed Penn Law and Philadelphia, and is often found walking throughout the city, trying different types of restaurants, and passionately watching sports of all types. A traveler at heart, as much as he loves Philadelphia, Nataniel will use any excuse to travel and explore beyond the city.