Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice

Advisory Board

Ty Stiklorius

Founder and CEO, Friends At Work

Ty Stiklorius has spent her career helping creative vision thrive. Ty is the longtime manager of luminary recording artist and philanthropist John Legend. Ty’s work with John Legend began in 2006 with the formation of JL Ventures (JLV), which focuses on brand strategy, technology, business development and social impact that builds on and enhances John Legend’s unique multidisciplinary talents and desire for positive change. This partnership has lead to efforts such as The Show Me Campaign, which seeks to give every child access to quality education, and the #FREEAMERICA campaign, a movement to change the United States’ criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration. In 2012, Ty formed a partnership with Troy Carter and served as Co-President of Atom Factory, a diversified entertainment company and later launched Friends At Work. Ty also serves as one of the principals in Get Lifted Film Co., a film and television production company based in Los Angeles.

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