Remote Learning Guidance for Students

March 15, 2020

Please review our remote learning guidance and answers to common questions about the technology:

  • ITS Remote Learning Guidance for Students. If you have not done so already, please take a moment to review ITS’s document on remote learning for students:

  • Test your setup before your first Zoom class. You can connect to Zoom by laptop or mobile device. Determining the right way to connect your equipment to Zoom can sometimes take a little bit of trial and error, so please test your system well before you need to join your first Zoom class. You can join a test Zoom call at any time using this link:

  • Videos will appear on Canvas 24-48 hours after recording. Recorded lectures and Zoom classes will both appear in the “Panopto Recordings” tab of your course Canvas pages. Please note, though, that videos will not appear instantaneously; there will be a delay of 24-48 hours between the recording time and the time that they are available for you to view.

  • Zoom Class Recordings. Zoom classes are scheduled to be recorded and published by default, but individual faculty may choose to make recordings private (i.e., available only on request to the instructor) or to devise alternate arrangements for students who are not able to attend Zoom classes synchronously. Faculty members who have made alternate arrangements should communicate them to you.

  • Connecting to Zoom. Within each of your Canvas course pages, you should see two Zoom links: “Student Zoom Course” and “Student Zoom Office Hours.” Unless your professor directs otherwise, use the “Student Zoom Course” link to connect to synchronous course sessions and the “Student Zoom Office Hours” to connect to office hours meetings scheduled outside of your regular class time.

  • Default Settings for Zoom Classes. When you enter a Zoom class using the “Student Zoom Course” link, Zoom will ask you to join with video and to use your computer audio. Your microphone will be muted by default, but you will have the ability to unmute it as needed. You will also be able to mute or unmute your video. The ITS Remote Learning help document linked above also provides guidance for how to dial in by phone if your computer or device audio is not working.

  • Default Settings for Zoom Office Hours. The settings for Zoom office hours are slightly different than for Zoom courses. When you enter Zoom office hours using the “Student Zoom Office Hours” link, you will be put into a “Waiting Room.” The faculty member can decide whether to admit students one at a time or in larger groups. Your microphone should not be muted by default in the office hours call, but you will always have the option to mute yourself.

  • Participating in a Zoom Class or Meeting. Zoom offers a few different options for students who would like to participate in a class. You can speak up, “raise your hand,” or use the chat feature to ask a question. ITS’s help document linked above explains each of these options. Your faculty members should offer guidance as to their preferences for each class.

  • WiFi Access. Some Internet providers are offering free WiFi in selected areas in response to COVID-19. For an example, click here: ITS is identifying other, similar programs and will be posting links at the Remote Learning page linked above.

  • Help. If you are experiencing issues like latency, frozen screens, poor quality audio, or meetings disconnecting, please review Zoom’s troubleshooting guide at

    If you continue to have issues, you can reach ITS at or call 215-898-2679. You can also contact us via online chat - Chat with ITS Help.

    Finally, students can also call Zoom support directly using the appropriate phone number listed below. Zoom support will ask for the meeting ID. This 9-digit number is available at the top of the Zoom window once you connect to the call.
  • US: +1.888.799.9666 ext 2
  • AU: +61.1800.768.027 ext 2
  • FR: +33.800.94.64.64 ext 2
  • IN: +91.1800.050.2040 ext 2
  • JP: + ext 2
  • NZ: +64.800.475.039 ext 2
  • SG: +65.800.321.1249 ext 2
  • UK: +44.800.368.7314 ext 2 or +44.20.7039.8961 ext 2


Request a Zoom Pro Account for your Student Group/Journal:

Student Groups/Journals can request a Zoom Pro account using our online request form. Requests should come from the group President/Co-President or Journal EIC/ME.


Request a Zoom Pro Loaner Account for your Study Group/Meeting:

  • Students can request a Zoom Pro loaner account using our online form. Zoom Pro accounts will be loaned out for a period of 3 days.


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