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Future of the Profession Initiative puts Penn Law at forefront of changing legal profession

December 04, 2019

On October 10, 2019, the Future of the Profession Initiative Board held its inaugural meeting in New York City to chart out the program’s projects, goals, and strategies. The Initiative aims to help both law students and alumni maneuver through an ever-changing legal profession.


Joe Borstein L’05, Managing Director: “I’m so excited about the Future of the Legal Profession Initiative because it’s an idea whose time has come. Globalization, technology, and new business structures in law are creating an upheaval and Penn Law, by pushing forward this initiative, is going to be on the front lines.”

Jim Sandman L’76, President, Legal Service Corporation: “Penn Law School stands in the middle of a world-class university and this initiative provides an opportunity to bring together learning from across disciplines to enhance innovation in law.”

Susan R. Lambreth L’83, Principal, LawVision: “And I think one of the most important things that this initiative could do is bring some new voices into the conversation around what does innovation look like in the legal profession and how can we make difference in serving clients, in making lawyers and law firms happier in what they’re doing.”

Jennifer Leonard L’04, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School: “It also allows us to host innovators who are thinking in new ways about connecting clients with the legal system and with lawyers. It also allows us to host symposia and bring together leading thinkers in this area and be the convener that sparks new ideas.”

 Claudia Johnson L’97, Program Manager, LawHelp Interactive, Pro Bono Net: “Every minute, every second that we’re conscious, we have the opportunity to create impact to create a better future for all. So, the fact that the center is looking at the future of law and law being so tied with justice, to me, is very exciting.”