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Prof. Simmons publishes two articles on Global Performance Indicators in summer issue of International Organization

July 24, 2019

Cambridge University Press recently published two articles by Penn Law Professor Beth Simmons, the Andrea Mitchell University Professor in Law, Political Science and Business Ethics, in the summer issue of International Organization, the number one most cited journal in Political Science and International Relations.
The first article, “The Power of Global Performance Indicators,” which Simmons co-authored with Dean of Sanford School of Public Policy Judith Kelley, analyzes how global performance indicators (GPIs) are increasingly deployed to influence governance around the world. They argue that GPIs, which include public and ongoing rankings of countries based upon different metrics, derive influence from their ability to frame issues and stimulate governments’ concerns about their own and their country’s reputations by facilitating comparisons. Read more here.
In Simmons’s second piece in the symposium, she joins co-authors Rush Doshi, a Brookings-Yale Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Judith Kelley to discuss the power of rankings. The authors explore the Ease of Doing Business (EDB) Index, a global performance indicator, and argue that a wide variety of evidence illustrates how the World Bank has used the pressure of state rankings to achieve its vision of regulatory reform. Read more here.
Simmons is an expert in international affairs. She is best known for her research on international political economy during the interwar years, policy diffusion globally, and her work demonstrating the influence that international law has on human rights outcomes around the world.