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Morgan Lewis: Things You Should Know Before OCI!

July 01, 2019

Congratulations on completing your first year of law school! While the first year is now over, now comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for – OCI! (OK, maybe not all of us). In my 12+ years of recruiting I’ve shared do’s and don’ts with many students as they prepare for OCI, and wanted to take a moment to share with all of you. See below for 5 Things You Should Know Before OCI!

  1. Are grades important? Yes. Are they the only thing firms consider? No. Firms are looking for candidates who have a demonstrated interest in the firm (have you done your research, why do you want to work here?), leadership/involvement in student groups (does this candidate show the ability to be a leader?), and some connection to the city you’re interviewing in, is ideal and preferred (will you join the firm and leave soon after to go to another city?). Also, prior work experience is always a plus.
  2. What to Expect in Callback Interviews: Expect to be asked questions about your interests and experience. Answers should show that you are a problem solver, team player and a hard worker. How to prepare? Do your research on the firm and your interviewers. If you’re really interested in a particular firm, set up Google alerts a few weeks before the interview, so you know what’s going on at the firm and read firm blogs in your particular area of interest.
  3. When you walk out of your callback you should know the answers to these three questions:  
    1. Can I see myself being successful and happy here?
    2. Will I get good training?
    3. Do they have the kind of work I’d like to do?
  4. Did you submit a writing sample? Read it before your interviews! You want to be prepared to discuss what you wrote in the event you are asked. If you wrote it several months before, refresh your memory.
  5. Be Yourself! I can’t stress this enough. Ultimately, you want to join a firm where you can be yourself and that values the qualities you bring.