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Penn Law Light Opera Company puts on 42nd annual musical production

April 29, 2019

Penn Law is one of only two law schools in the United States that puts on a fully staged musical. Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes perspective from the cast and crew of the Penn Law Light Opera Company’s 42nd annual production. 



Off Screen: Malum prohibitum.

Julian Kronick L’21: Malum prohibitum - I’m guessing language of origin is Latin.

Emily Daenzer L’19: So, this year’s show is our 42nd annual production. This year’s show is the “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” It’s a show about six quirky adolescents who are learning different things about themselves through the course of their Regional Spelling Bee.

Claudia Gallagher L’19: Penn Law Light Opera Company is a really nice creative outlet. It’s nice to get away from classes and just be able to sing, dance, work, be part of a production, and also getting to do something creative with a group of people who also have similar interests.

John Plotz L’19: It is so much fun. It is such an adventure. There’s nothing really that imitates what it’s like to have pieces of a show and then begin to put it together and then see it really take shape, especially in the last few days. There’s really no comparison except doing a musical.

Mary Felder L’21: I knew that a lot of law schools do musical productions, but I didn’t realize that any of them did full musicals and that was something I was really excited about once I got here to find out.

Daenzer: Everyone goes to see the show, but nobody thinks about all the things that happen beforehand to prepare it to get it to that spot. So, financing, securing the rights for the musical. We’re actually only one of two law schools in the nation who obtains the rights for and puts on an actual Broadway production.

Plotz: When you break into song it’s like - we all have those moments when
in the middle of the day when we just want to break out in song, and musicals are that chance that we actually get to do that. I would say that’s a really fun aspect of musicals.

Kronick: M-A-L-L-U-M P-R-O-H-I-B-I-T-U-M, two L’s in mallum?