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Penn Law students discuss the value of law journal experience

April 16, 2019

Penn Law has a proud tradition of excellent journal scholarship. Our six journals have each been recognized nationally for their high level of scholarship, integrity, and value to the profession. In addition, students who become editors of these journals find that they provide invaluable experience both in substantive law and skills in research, analysis, and expression.



Catherine Shaw L’19, WG’19: Journals are the way that legal academia gets built. We are the conduits through which these pieces make it to the public and make it into the discussion, and it’s really unique to have an opportunity as a student to get to shape that conversation.

Frank Broomell L’19: It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it. You get some insight into the legal writing that’s being done, but more importantly, you build this professional and social network that’ll go with you long beyond your time at Penn Law.

Gabrielle N. Piper C’14 L’19 SPP ’19: You get a lot of leadership experience. You’re leading your peers to publish these types of articles. It also helps academically — you’re editing, you’re reading strong writing, and it helps you become a better writer and a better lawyer.

Amanda LeSavage L’19, MS’19: Being on a journal is so much more than Bluebooking. The Journal of Law and Public Affairs has provided me with a community of like-minded law students, the opportunity to explore the legal issues that inspired me to come to law school, and the ability to publish legal scholarship of my own.

Benjamin A. Barsky L’19, MBE’19: We empower everybody, from the boards to our associate editors, to really carry out projects from A to Z, and as long as people are dedicated and motivated to the task at hand I think they’ll do great.

Broomell: Whether you’re at the top of the class or you wish your grades had been a little bit better, the Writing Competition is an opportunity to find a home in a journal during your 2L and 3L year.