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Triple Bottom Brewing Co.

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“We believe that beer brings people together, that breweries can build communities and that a job can change a life,” said Tess Hart, co-founder of Triple Bottom Brewery.

Tess, a former consultant for foundations and social enterprises with a focus on anti-poverty and community development, and her husband, Bill, a former AmeriCorps member, saw the potential in creating a brewery that would change the story of a neighborhood – and of its employees.

“When you start looking and learning about breweries you learn that often they’re first movers in developing a neighborhood, Tess said. “Which has major pros and cons, but the reason is the brewery needs a lot of space, so they go to outskirt neighborhoods where space is more affordable. Then they bring people there because they’re destinations, and then other business travel along with them.”

The jobs that breweries create also teach transferable skills. “Breweries also have a really interesting sort of diversity of skill sets that they require,” Tess said. “They require great storytelling, sales, manufacturing skills, hospitality, and so from an opportunity to grow as both the employer and employee of the brewery there are lots of ways to stretch yourself.”

Triple Bottom Brewery gets its name from its adoption of a “triple bottom line” as a measure of success, a belief that any company can create a positive social impact on its community if it focuses on three bottom lines: People, Planet, and Profit.

 The ELC helped Triple Bottom in its formative stages. “I needed someone to just help get us started and tackle some of the first things,” Tess said. “We met with the ELC three semesters ago, and the conversation was so helpful because it started to fill in the gaps of what we didn’t know. I was able to sort of come to the ELC and say ‘here’s our idea, what are the frameworks that we need to start putting in place?’ in a way that wasn’t comfortable going to another lawyer because I knew they were going to charge me a ton of money just to help me figure out what I needed them to do.”

Triple Bottom Brewing Company staff               

“The student teams from the ELC have been so thorough in helping us really build these foundational pieces of our business, so that by the time we are ready to open our doors we have all of our bases covered.”



Triple Bottom Brewing Company will open at 915 Spring Garden in 2019.