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Legal Research & Scholarship News: October 2018

October 22, 2018


Below are the most recent additions to The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository. The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository, a service of the Biddle Law Library, collects and preserves the scholarly output of Penn Law. All works are available for immediate download via PDF. 


Katz, Leo and Sandroni, Alvaro, “The Inevitability and Ubiquity of Cycling in All Feasible Legal Regimes: A Formal Proof” (2017).

Fisch, Jill E. and Sepe, Simone M., “Shareholder Collaboration” (2018).
Feldman, Eric A., “Law, Society, and Setsuo: Miyazawa’s Influence on Socio-Legal Studies” (2017).
Fisch, Jill E., “Making Sustainability Disclosure Sustainable” (2018).
Feldman, Eric A., “Regulating E-Cigarettes: Why Policies Diverge” (2016).
Feldman, Eric A., “Baby M Turns 30: The Law and Policy of Surrogate Motherhood” (2018).
Robinson, Paul H. and Robinson, Sarah M., “CRIMES THAT CHANGED OUR WORLD: TRAGEDY, OUTRAGE, AND REFORM: Chapter One: 1911 Triangle Factory Fire: Building Safety Codes” (2018).
Robinson, Paul H. and Williams, Tyler Scot, “MAPPING AMERICAN CRIMINAL LAW: VARIATIONS ACROSS THE 50 STATES: Chapter One: Distributive Principles of Criminal Law” (2018).
Galbraith, Jean, “Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law(112:3 Am J Int’l L)” (2018).
Murphy, Michael, “Occam’s Phaser: Making Proportional Discovery (Finally) Work in Litigation by Requiring Phased Discovery” (2016).
Robinson, Paul H., “A General Mitigation for Crimes Driven by Emotion?: Physiological, Personal Choice, and Normative Inquiries” (2018).
Morse, Stephen J., “Neurohype and the Law: A Cautionary Tale” (2018).
Strine, Leo E. Jr. and Macey, Jonathan, “Citizens United as Bad Corporate Law” (2018).
Mayeri, Serena, “Intersectionality and the Constitution of Family Status” (2017).
Shakow, David J., “The Tao of The DAO: Taxing an Entity That Lives on a Blockchain” (2018).
Sarin, Natasha, “The Salience Theory of Consumer Financial Regulation” (2018).
Skeel, David A. Jr., “Bankruptcy for Banks: A Tribute (and Little Plea) to Jay Westbrook” (2018).
Kreimer, Seth F., “Still Living After Fifty Years: A Census of Judicial Review Under the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1968” (2018).
Austin, Regina, “The Loving Story: Using a Documentary to Reconsider the Status of an Iconic Interracial Married Couple” (2018).
Shull, Aaron; Twomey, Paul; and Yoo, Christopher S., “Legal Mechanisms for Governing the Transition of Key Domain Name Functions to the Global Multi-Stakeholder Community” (2017). 

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