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Pathways to Public Service

May 25, 2018

Penn Law students and faculty engage with today’s most pressing public interest and government policy issues. The Toll Public Interest Center provides pro bono opportunities and public interest career support, along with nearly 30 pro bono student projects each year and attorneys to supervise them.

In addition, the Leo Model Foundation Government Service & Public Affairs Initiative provides resources to support faculty and prepare students to be leaders in the federal, state, and local policy-making arenas.

Penn Law’s Office of International Programs facilitates scholarship on the complex issues facing the international community by working with law schools and legal institutions in the most dynamic legal markets around the world.

We must continue to support these opportunities and enhance our loan forgiveness and loan repayment assistance to ensure students can pursue careers in public interest or government without being unduly burdened by debt.




Frank Broomell L’19: I was fortunate when I was taking classes for my Master’s to be able to take a law school class that really sort of piqued my interest in pursuing a law degree. When I got down to DC and started working on these issues from the opioid crisis to defense related issues, I got to have a better appreciation of the role that the law plays in public policy, and in understanding what government can do and how government impacts people and that solidified that a law degree was the right next step for me.

This semester, I’m spending my time at the National Security Division at the Department of
Justice in their office of law and policy. There I’m able to work with staff attorneys on national security challenges and problems facing the United States. And understanding the
interagency process and the dynamics that go on within the government in trying to address these various challenges.

I’ve also been able to work with the Veterans Law Project here at Penn Law and help veterans navigate the veterans benefit administration process and the very long and delayed appeals process that many veterans have to go through in accessing the benefits that they’ve earned.

These types of opportunities have been a direct result of being here at Penn and having the the support and the foundation that the school has here.


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