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Parsing the President

January 25, 2018

By Larry Teitelbaum and Lindsay Podraza

A year in, President Donald Trump has laid down a slew of markers. His administration is pushing for Middle East peace and otherwise revamping foreign policy, proposing to reduce funding for economic development, cutting regulations, causing consternation among immigration advocates with his promised crackdown, and continuing his pursuit of health care reform. He closed last year with a victory on tax reform. We assembled six experts from across the political spectrum to put on their pundit hats and critique Trump’s agenda.

The Trump Tonic After Eight Years of Obama

One year into Donald Trump’s presidency, Kimberly Crockett L’87, of the Center of the American Experiment, a Minnesota-based think tank that advocates for conservative and free market principles, finds much to like.

In the Wake of Tax Reform, Is a Consumption Tax Down the Road?

Mark Bloomfield L’76, WG’76, longtime president and CEO of the American Council for Capital Formation, says lower corporate taxes will spur growth, but won’t pay for themselves.

Handicapping Middle East Peace

President Donald J. Trump has warmer relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his predecessor did, but is far from brokering peace, says Steven Friedman L’71.

Assessing Way Forward for Urban Communities

The Trump Administration threatens to derail progress in urban communities, says Dave Foster L’05, founder of Bastogne Development Partners.

A Call to Reform the Affordable Care Act

Healthcare analyst John Rother L’75 affixes a federal-like acronym to congressional efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act: DOA.

Fighting for Immigration Reform and Against Blanket Restrictions

President Trump has promised to enforce the law and curtail the flow of undocumented immigrants into the United States, and he’s held true to his word. That concerns Cathryn Miller-Wilson L’93, executive director of HIAS Pennsylvania.