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Penn Law LLM Program pairs knowledge with opportunity

November 06, 2017

In this video feature, students, faculty, and staff explain why Penn Law’s LLM Program is so groundbreaking. Designed primarily for lawyers outside the United States, students gain new perspectives, participate in an innovative summer program, and live in the vibrant and affordable city of Philadelphia.



Frances Emembolu LLM’17: Penn Law offers a welcome blend of stellar academic studies and opportunities for career advancement.

Elise Kraemer L’93: The Penn Law LLM Program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come to Philadelphia and to study at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy-League, world-renowned university.

Emembolu: After my time at Penn, I think I’m taking home two things with me: to strive to be the best in everything I do, and to believe in myself, that I can achieve whatever I set out to achieve.

Muhammad Sarahne LLM’17: I learned to get out of my comfort zone. You’ll be surprised that you can contribute a lot even to some other domains or classes you are not really familiar with because you have a different perspective.

Krishnendu Sayta LLM’17: One of the things that really struck a chord with me was its association with the Wharton School and the offer that LLMs could do a Wharton certificate course simultaneous with the LLM in one of the best business schools in the world.

Mauro Guillén: I think the certificate is designed for students who would like to add a managerial and financial perspective to their training in topics that have to do with our corporate law and with financial markets more broadly.

Kraemer: We design our programming specifically for LLMs. We have a Wharton Business and Law Certificate; we have a summer program.

Emembolu: I would say the summer program is a good — is a very big and very impressive part of the LLM Program. It’s your first introduction to what to expect when school starts fully in September.

William Ewald: We did have a foundations course that was taught September, October, November. The idea was: move that class into the summer, teach very intensively for one month, working hard specifically on the LLM students, get them integrated into Penn, and then move them into the regular curriculum.

Sayta: On a personal anecdote, I think the summer program really gives you the time to forge friendships which you would then keep with you and cherish for a lifetime.

Sarahne: So, I’ve been admitted for the SJD Program at Penn Law School, and I will stay at the school for at least one more year. One of the reasons is actually the city itself.

Emembolu: The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, City Hall.

Sarahne: It has really good restaurants, nice nightlife, and pubs and bars.

Sayta: You have city life, which is one part of the city, and you have the American campus life on the other, and both are five blocks away.

Kraemer: It’s really an easy, affordable, and safe place to live.

Sayta: Go ahead and decide to come to Penn, because that would be probably the better decisions of your life.