#279 Printing account changes

September 07, 2017

We are introducing an improvement to the student printing system. If you are a returning student, much of the way you printed in the past will remain the same. Each semester students receive a personal print credit of $120 that may be used for printing and copying (please see here for full details: https://www.law.upenn.edu/its/docs/printing/overview-students.php)

This year a new Special print account is being added for all Penn Law students. This account is to be used when printing for approved group and programs including TPIC Pro-Bono, Journals, and Student Groups. You may use this account to print without it affecting your personal print account. You may not use the Special account for your personal, academic, class reading, research, assignments, resumes, career planning, clerkships, legal writing, papers and other personal printing.

All Special printing is authenticated when you swipe your card, will be tracked, and use will be audited. Please check with your group or instructor to be sure you are authorized to use the Special account before you use it to print.

Note: For most users, you will be using your personal account and you can do so by clicking on the screen on the “Charge to personal account” option that comes up when you swipe your card:

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