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Scholarship News: September 2017

September 01, 2017

Scholarship News

September, 2017

Scholarship News announces the most recent additions to The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository. The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository, a service of the Biddle Law Library, collects and preserves the scholarly output of Penn Law. All works are available for immediate download via PDF.  


Most Recent Additions

Baker, Tom; Friedman, Ezra; and Logue, Kyle D., “The Forfeiture of Coverage Defenses Rule: An Economic Analysis” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1855.

Heaton, Paul; Hunt, Priscillia; MacDonald, John M.; and Saunders, Jessica, “The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Private Law Enforcement: Evidence from University Police” (2016). Faculty Scholarship. 1856.

Gilad, Michal, “The Triple-C Impact: Responding to Childhood Exposure to Crime and Violence” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1857.

Coglianese, Cary, “The Limits of Performance-Based Regulation” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1858.

Robinson, Paul H. and Robinson, Sarah M., “TRAGEDY, OUTRAGE & REFORM: Crimes that Changed Our World: 1963 – Birmingham Church Bombing – Civil Rights” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1876.

Robinson, Paul H. and Robinson, Sarah M., “TRAGEDY, OUTRAGE & REFORM: Crimes That Changed Our World: 1983 – Thurman Beating - Domestic Violence” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1877.

Hoffman, Allison K.; Brown, Whitney A.; and Cutler, Lindsay, “From the Technical to the Personal: Teaching and Learning Health Insurance Regulation and Reform” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1879.

Hoffman, Allison K., “Reimagining the Risk of Long-Term Care” (2016). Faculty Scholarship. 1881.

Hoffman, David A., “Relational Contracts of Adhesion” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1882.

Boyd, Christina L. and Hoffman, David A., “The Use and Reliability of Federal Nature of Suit Codes” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1883.

Firth, Kristin; Hoffman, David A.; and Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess, “Law and Psychology Grows Up, Goes Online, and Replicates” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1884.

McKinley, Maggie, “Lobbying and the Petition Clause” (2016). Faculty Scholarship. 1891.

Choi, Albert H. and Min, Geeyoung, “Amending Corporate Charters and Bylaws” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1898.


Submit information about your recent writings to: for distribution here, and for deposit in the Penn Law Scholarship Repository.